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HENDON is specialized company in leather products which was established in 2014 based on 20 years experience in product development and production of large company brands.

All Hendon's products is treated 100 times from raw hides to finished products It is produced over about 15 days. It has enough quality to compare with any luxury goods. Despite its short history, it is growing rapidly with a pride of leather craftsmanship, in a niche market of various pouches and golf equipment. We are building differentiated image and brand recognition in the industry through unique design and functionality, high quality of 100% Korean leather products and reasonable prices through direct manufacturing (production). HENDON has a lot of patents and utility models through continuous research and development with emphasis on the function and ease of use of the product as well as the design. In 2015, the tablet pouch of our company was selected as the best new product of Korea in 2015 hosted by Korea Daily. It was selected as the best company in the consumer satisfaction index in 2017 in fashion accessory business (leather goods) division hosted by Hankyung Business.

We will grow to be a company that researches and develops for better products and customer satisfaction.

Company History

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HENDON is specialized in leather products that pursue creative design, functionality
  • 2014.08
  • Company startup.
  • 2015.03
  • Contract to enter the product promotion center promoting in 100 golf course lobbies nationwide
  • 2015.06
  • Moved the headquarters to the BI center of Honam University and changed the name of the corporation to HENDON CO., LTD.
  • 2015.08
  • Selected as the best new product in Korea hosted by Korea Daily in 2015
  • 2015.09
  • Signed MOU with ITENJOY Co., Ltd. for strategic product development and mutual cooperation of laptop pouch
  • 2015.11
  • GISEHS Classic Tour Main Title Sponsorship Agreement with GPC Public Golf Association and
  • 2016.03
  • Sponsorship agreement with Golf Zone, GPC Public Golf Association for 2016 National Sports Screen Golp Competition
  • 2016.04
  • HENDON trademark application to China with 2016 IP-START UP domestic and foreign rights support project
  • 2016.05
  • Patent application of golf grip manufacturing technology that is wet with moisture to be used
  • 2016.05
  • Application of a patent for a practical cow-leather golf iron cover for one-touch removable
  • 2017.01
  • PCT international patent application for the manufacture of natural leather golf grips
  • 2017.03
  • Appointed as the No.1 company in the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index for fashion accessories (leather products)
  • 2017.04
  • Registered utility model for golf ball case with luminous function
  • 2017.07
  • Selected as Korea HIT500 (natural cowhide golf grip) by Korea Small & Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
  • 2017.07
  • Selected as an overseas branch office project by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (HENDON office in Korea Trade Center in Osaka, Japan)
  • 2017.10
  • Applied a patent for hybrid golf grip
  • 2017.11
  • International Application of HENDON Trademark, Madrid (USA, Japan)
Ranked first in the 2017 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index

Hendon has been chosen by consumers as the number one company in the fashion accessories business category in the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index.

We deeply appreciate your support and will repay you with trust and effort